Q. Can See Ya Mite be used with the lights on?

A. Yes, however, due to differing lighting outputs, it is recommended to be used at 24 inches away from the plants. Or for best results just before turning the lights off for the plants to absorb the foliar application.

Q. is See Ya Mite just a spider mite treatment?

A. See Ya Mite is a blend of natural essential oils and nutrients that not only works on spider mites but also on aphids, whitefly, blackfly, spotted spider mite and thrips in the right application.

Q Do I only use See Ya Mite once I have passed infestation?

A. No. See Ya Mite can also be used every 15 days as a preventative and a Foliage enhancer.

Q. Can See Ya Mite be used during flowering?

A. See Ya Mite can be used throughout the plants life-cycle It is recommended to stop usage 14 days before harvest to allow the natural essential oils to dissipate.

Q. I have used See Ya Mite and still have signs of pest infestation

A. See Ya Mite is an essenstial oil based product and kills on contact. Full coverage of the plant is necessary to eradicate the infestation you may need more than one application depending on how thorough you are.

Q. Will pests develop a resistance to See Ya Mite?

A. We have tested our product for a number of years, and results show that pests do not develop a natural immunity to the product.

Q. I have treated my plans for powdery mildew. Can I still use See Ya Mite?

A. Yes allow 4-day period after treatment for powdery Mildew before commencing use of See Ya Mite.

Q. is See Ya Mite harmful to my family and pets

A. No. See Ya Mite can be used around the home on any plant or houseplants

Q. I have respiratory issues.

A. Even though See Ya Mite is derived from natural essential oils It is recommended to use a FACE MASK during application.